Improve Your Pronunciation Through Songs

Improve Your Pronunciation Through Songs

The summer holidays are an ideal time to keep practising your English without much effort, just by listening to songs in English. The video and activities below are aimed at helping you improve your pronunciation while listening to well-known pop songs and artists/bands (Ed Sheeran, Lewis Capaldi, Sia, Adele, Lady Gaga, The Beatles, Queen…):

Click/tap here to open the video in a new tab

You can watch the video with subtitles. Click on the CC/subtitles icon if they don’t start automatically. You can also skip parts of the video, by clicking on the video chapter that interests you the most (click on the timestamp-the red line as you watch the video, or, if you watch the video on YouTube, open the description below the video and click on the timestamp of the topic of your choice).

You can find all the links to the songs, the playlist and related resources here:  You will also find there an exercise based on a song by Coldplay (‘The Scientist’) to check if you’ve understood how the pronunciation features described in the video work.

Finally, this is an infographic with some of the songs mentioned as examples. It contains interactive links to the extracts from songs, as well as an explanation of the pronunciation feature they illustrate (click on the image to open the interactive version):

Have a great summer holiday, and listen to lots of songs in English!

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