Tips for writing essays (Bachillerato-EvAU)

Tips for writing essays (Bachillerato-EvAU)

If you are sitting the EvAU English exam in a few weeks, this video and the resources below may help you prepare for the writing task:

Click here to open the video in a new tab

In the description of the video on YouTube you can find a timeline of all the points mentioned. If you click on any of the times, it will take you straight to that section, so you can skip parts you may have seen or you may not find interesting.

If you need them, you can watch the video with subtitles in English. Click on the subtitles icon.

For further resources, please click/tap here. You can find:

  1. the video and the presentation used
  2. an infographic with the 7 tips for writing an essay
  3. Be the teacher: analyse sample sentences taken from students’ writing tasks- then submit your answers through a self-grading Google form to check if you are applying the tips correctly
  4. ideas of linking words and signpost language you can use to improve your writing
  5. a list with the mistakes you are not supposed to be making any more as a Bachillerato student
  6. an example of what a good writing task looks like, and explanations why it is good
  7. some suggested news websites which can help you improve your English (especially helpful for the writing task in the EvAU exam)
  8. sample writing topics, similar to the ones you may find in the exam, in case you want to practise.
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