How do I access the new DOCEO?

The activities offered by the training centres of the Government of Aragon can be seen on the public page of the new DOCEO. However, to register it is necessary to enter PADDOC (with permanent key and password), and once in PADDOC, enter new DOCEO.



Access issues with permanent Cl@ve: Educaragón


How do I know if I am admitted to a training activity?

Once the registration period has expired, and on the date that is usually indicated in the announcement for our activities, the advisor responsible for the activity will mark the admitted and unadmitted applicants. Applicants can consult through DOCEO-PADDOC, entering Involved Activities. > All the activities in which registration has been requestedappear there: however this does not mean that you are admitted.


Only the home page icon is visible in the mobile version. But to the right of the screen comes the option to expand the menu. Clicking there will bring up the extended > menu, and you will see the participation activities option.



Entering the activity you are interested in viewing, at the top you will see a box showing “activity enrollment data”. If you are admitted, “S” will appear. If you are not admitted, “N” will appear. If no letter appears, the admission is still pending resolution.


Complete manual of use of DOCEO in this link.